Measuring Impact: Evaluation

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions has partnered with Program and Policy Insight (PPI), LLC to evaluate findings drawn from the most recent annual submissions of regional collaborative and workforce partnership data through 2013.  


Key findings from 2007-2013 show continued progress in National Fund goals and objectives, such as:

  • Improving Public Systems and Employers' Practices
  • Expanding and Deepening Impact
  • Promoting Learning and Continuous Improvement

One cornerstone priority of the National Fund is to engage in system change activities at the national and regional level.  The National Fund’s systems change agenda is designed to support funder collaboratives and industry partnerships' efforts to influence national workforce policy, including partnering in national initiatives to promote changes in employer and institutional practices. 

The latest Program and Policy Insight, Data Brief,  (April 2014),  reports on the performance of the National Fund against goals for collaboratives, individuals and employers served, funds raised, and the effectiveness of industry partnerships. The evaluation findings cover key outcomes such as credentials, job placement, retention increases, wage increases and advancement for individuals.

Broadening Reach, Deepening Impact: 2007-2013  highlights key achievements of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions for this period.



Data Brief for the Fifth National Evaluation Report  


Fourth National Evaluation: Summary of Findings

Data Brief for the Fourth National Evaluation

Systems Change Activities and Achievements

National Fund Principles: Collaborative and Partnership Achievements


Implementing the National Fund for Workforce Solutions: Third National Evaluation Report

Appendices to the Third National Evaluation Report 


Implementing the National Fund for Workforce Solutions: Second National Evaluation Report

Appendices to the Second National Evaluation Report


Implementing the National Fund for Workforce Solutions: Baseline National Evaluation Report

Regional collaboratives undergo independent evaluations that assess their effectiveness in measuring impact in achieving workforce development goals. Below are several examples of collaborative evaluation findings: