Launched in 2011, CareerSTAT is an employer-led national collaboration of health care leaders who promote employer investment in the skill and career development of frontline health care workers. An initiative of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and its implementation partner, Jobs for the Future, CareerSTAT is led by an executive committee of health care employers.  The CareerSTAT initiative is generously funded through The Joyce Foundation.

To encourage these investments, CareerSTAT:

  • Engages health care executives who will champion the business case for these investments;
  • Recognizes employers who substantially invest in frontline workforce development;
  • Documents effective practices and the business impact in a wide variety of health care settings; and
  • Disseminates best practices and the business case for investment in frontline workers to industry leaders and public policy makers

CareerSTAT's network is growing and includes employer partners from across the country  who share a common vision, mission and value proposition to making the business case for investing in the frontline health care workforce.

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CareerSTAT Partners

An additional group of hospital leaders, funders, and workforce development professionals work to advance CareerSTAT goals and objectives.