Partners for a Competitive Workforce


Partners for a Competitive Workforce is a partnership in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana tri-state region focused on meeting employer demand by growing the skills of its current and future workforce. The partnership developed out of a long history of collaboration in the tri-state region to address workforce challenges.

The Competitive Workforce partners include businesses, workforce investment boards, chambers of commerce, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, service providers and philanthropic funders. The partnership is managed by United Way of Greater Cincinnati, with major support provided by the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and local funders. The partnership coordinates all of the region’s workforce efforts under a common umbrella, sets joint priorities, and tracks regional progress. By joining efforts, it aims to accelerate the pace of collaboration so that our region goes farther and faster in preparing our workforce to compete. 

Collaborative Accomplishments
Between 2013 and 2014, Partners for a Competitive Workforce placed a record high number of high school interns (80+) with Information Technology employers. The collaborative also launched the website to raise awareness about advanced manufacturing careers. Partners for a Competitive Workforce was a winner of The National Fund for Workforce Solutions' 2012 Collaborative Award.