The Pennsylvania Fund for Workforce Solutions


Private and public funders from across the state joined forces to create The Pennsylvania Fund for Workforce Solutions, which blends investments (more than $3 million to date) from private and public funders to support the goal of increasing opportunities for lower-skilled workers through grant making, capacity building, and advocacy efforts within the state’s Targeted Industry Clusters:

  • Workforce and Employer Systems Change
  • Policy Change
  • Develop Civic and Business Leadership for Workforce Systems Change
Funding Collaborative Accomplishments
  • Strengthened PFWS Investor Committee through recruitment of United Way of PA, PA Department of Labor and Industry, PA Partners, Technology Council of Central PA, Manufactures Association of South Central PA, Team Pennsylvania Foundation, and PA AFL-CIO.
  • Led advocacy effort which led both PA House and Senate to pass legislation that embeds Industry Partnership program in statute.
  • Contributed to significant advancement of “community of practice” (IP Network) of IP coordinators, and to general consensus (among state, PA Partners, IP coordinators, PFWS, business organizations) on plan for upgrading performance management system for IPs.
  • Served approximately 800 job seekers and incumbent workers from October 2010 to March 2011.
Cumulative Match Funding To Date


System Change Accomplishments

Fourth Quarter 2011

  • After SB552 unanimously passed and was signed in June, our focus has moved to finding a dedicated funding source for the now-codified Industry Partnership program in Pennsylvania. Senator Mike Brubaker, who was the original sponsor of SB552, has agreed to be our champion in the legislature. We are currently working to get money for industry partnerships in Governor Corbett’s budget. We are also working to get dedicated funding source set up in the form of an industry partnership tax credit.