Workforce Central

South Wood County, 

Workforce Central aims to transform workforce development in the rural Central Wisconsin region by implementing a dual customer strategy that aims to achieve the  best outcome for everyone in greater south Wood County who wants to work, has ample opportunities to prepare for and secure a family sustaining job, and advance in a career over time. Current and prospective workers conveniently access a comprehensive, seamless array of education, training and support services, provided by a strong partnership of employers, educators and service providers that take shared responsibility for a healthy workforce, economy and job market.

Collaborative Accomplishments
In 2010, Workforce Central became the first rural Social Innovation Fund sub-grantee through the National Fund and the Corporation for National and Community Service. In 2011, the collaboration won the NFWS Collaborative Award, and in 2012, the Industry Partnership Award. By 2014, Workforce Central had served over 350 jobseekers.