Special Initiatives

Through its Better Skills, Better Jobs campaign, funded by the Prudential Foundation, the National Fund is partnering with employers and regional funder collaboratives to foster improvements in employer practices and workforce policies. The initiative will generate numerous examples of employers that invest in their frontline workers and achieve business benefits from those investments.

The Boeing Manufacturing OJT (On-the-Job Training) Project is aimed at encouraging manufacturing firms to bring on new employees. This project will place over 100 job seekers trained through manufacturing workforce partnerships into OJT positions that will enhance their prospects for long-term employment. Employer partners will receive a partial wage subsidy for 10 weeks and workers prepared in programs tailored to their needs.

Business Leaders United for Workforce Partnerships is comprised of employers from a range of industries who are concerned about our nation's skills gap, who are working with local partners to train and hire community residents for skilled jobs, and who want our country's policymakers to follow suit and invest, aggressively and effectively, in the skills of America's workers.

CareerSTAT is an initiative to document and endorse the business case for investments in frontline health care workers and to establish an employer-led advocacy council to promote investments that yield strong skill development and career outcomes for low-wage, frontline hospital workers.

With the goal to “find what works, and make it work for more people,” the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) has helped the National Fund for Workforce Solutions reach scale and measure the effectiveness of its programs. Among the first set of SIF grantees, the National Fund partnered with the Social Innovation Fund from 2010 to 2016 to jointly invest in 28 communitiesacross the United States.

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions is a national partner in UpSkill America, an employer-led movement aiming to expand economic opportunity for American workers. The initiative seeks to recognize leading employers utilizing promising approaches in training and developing their workers, encourage the widespread adoption of business practices that foster expanded economic opportunity for hardworking Americans, and foster private and public education and workforce development.

As the numbers of youth disconnected from the workforce continue to rise, the National Fund's Young Adult Initiatives aim to test and implement new strategies for targeting America’s opportunity youth.