Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati


The Healthcare Careers Collaborative (HCC) is an employer-led initiative, representing 50 percent of heath care employment in the region, designed to address the sector’s labor and skill shortages by providing opportunities for low-income incumbent workers and new entrants.  HCC’s mission is to “provide access to health care careers to underutilized labor pools, including lower-wage incumbent workers and unemployed or underemployed individuals; alleviate regional health care workforce shortages; and increase the diversity of the heath care workforce in Greater Cincinnati.”

HCC uses the following key strategies:

  • The development of career pathways composed of entry-level certificates (e.g. Patient Care Assistant, State Tested Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide),, advanced certificates (e.g. Practical Nursing, Medical Assisting, Rehabilitation, Clinical Lab), and associate degrees in other allied health disciplines and a Bachelor's degree in Health Information Technology.
  • Cohort-based instruction, which has a strong positive influence on retention.
  • Remedial courses (both hard and soft skills), called “Learning Community” courses, that range from college math and introductory chemistry to “professionalism in health care”.
  • Training delivered close to or at the employment site.

 The target population of HCC is low-skilled incumbent health care workers and unemployed and underemployed new entrants. 

A Return on Investment Analysis calculates that the ROI for one hospital partner, UCHealth, there was a 12 percent return on investment for the incumbent training programs from recruitment cost savings and a net benefit of $2.6M for the entry-level certificate training program due to lower turnover and reduced recruitment costs.